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Huanchi Bearing Group Co., Ltd (below abbreviated as The HCH Bearing) was established in 1973. The company is specialized in designing and manufacturing a variety of precision, high-quality ball bearings and tapered roller bearings for electric motors, automobiles, household appliances, power tools, pumps, gearboxes, motorcycles, heavy vehicles, machines etc.


  • The HCH bearing strives to enhance development capabilities, productivity, sales forces, and management abilities aiming for further advancement of its technologies.

  • The HCH commitment to bearing innovation and performance has more than 30 years of bearing manufacturing experience to back it up.

  • The company has two fully-owned bearing plants, occupying 413,540 square meters.

  • It has over 2600 experienced workers and more than 100 professional engineers, which has been the continuous source of its development.

  • Since the 1980s, The HCH bearing has been aggressively developing its overseas markets.


  • Deep Groove Ball Bearings
  • Tapered Roller Bearings
  • Inch tapered roller bearings
  • 60 series 62 series 63 series
  • 68 series 69 series
  • 30200 series 30300 series 32000 series 32200 series
  • 16000/6700 series
  • 62200/62300 series
  • Inch R series
  • Non-standard series
  • Steel balls

HCH Stock List

6206In Stock629 2RSIn Stock
608 ZZIn Stock6000 2RSIn Stock
626 ZZIn Stock6001 2RSIn Stock
6000 ZZIn Stock6002 2RSIn Stock
6001 ZZIn Stock6004 2RSIn Stock
6003 ZZIn Stock6200 2RSIn Stock
6200 ZZIn Stock6201 2RSIn Stock
6201 ZZIn Stock6202 2RSIn Stock
6203 ZZIn Stock6203 2RSIn Stock
6206 ZZIn Stock6204 2RSIn Stock
6208 ZZIn Stock6205 2RSIn Stock
6306 ZZIn Stock6206 2RSIn Stock
6900 ZZIn Stock6208 2RSIn Stock
6904 ZZIn Stock6301 2RSIn Stock
6905 ZZIn Stock6302 2RSIn Stock
607 2RSIn Stock6308 2RSIn Stock
608 2RSIn Stock6201 2RS V3In Stock
626 2RSIn Stock62001 2RSIn Stock

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